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Flowers of the Season

Choosing Flowers is such an important part of wedding planning! And so much fun!

Although not everyone is aware of what all goes into the whole flower choosing process.

Before I knew anything about flowers I never considered ordering flowers, processing flowers, finding flowers that match the colors the bride wants and a million other steps along the way.

I envisioned walking into the florist shop showing them that perfect bouquet I found on Pinterest and BAM it happens.

Well…. While we do our best to make that happen there are a few things to think about.

One of those being what flowers are readily available during the time of season that you may be getting married in. Its easy to fall in love with certain stems that may not be as accessible during certain times of the year.

Another thing to consider is COLOR is the most important--flowers are organic and come from all over the world from all sorts of climates-- it can be very difficult to guarantee a specific flower in a specific colors throughout the seasons. As a florist, it is out first choice to get you exactly what you want but we like to be able to use our creative expertise to make sure that your color scheme is never compromised. We know everyone is on the hunt for that perfect blush and peach tone flower and we use our artistic license to get you that at any cost.

Florists are here to help you not only choose a flower that they know will complement your wedding design but also what flowers are to be of the best quality at different times of the year.

Here is a brief list of some of the more common wedding flowers and their most accessible time of year. While this is just a few from each season it gives you a good idea of how much thought goes into designing a bridal bouquet or any arrangement during the time of year.

Spring- (February through May)- Anemones, Begonias, Daffodils, Lilacs, Peonies, Ranunculus, Tulips

Summer(June through August)- Agapanthus, Button, Cockscomb, Herbs, Lacy Dusty Miller, Lavender, Tweedia, Zinnia

Fall- (September through November)- Amaranthus, Anemone, Dahlia, Gladiolas, Heather, Ranunculus, Sedum, Sunflowers

Winter- November through January- Anenome, Heather, Privet Berry, Pine, Pepperberry, Ranunculus

Choosing from this list of whats available will guarantee you to get exactly what your heart is set on-- however you are never limited to ANY of the above when choosing Victoria's Floral Design!

Happy Planning!

We love to hear new ideas and what you thought about our blog!

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